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Private Voice Lessons Burbank

Tap into your vocal talent with Music Junction’s private voice lessons! Work with our Burbank music teachers to discover your voice and develop a passion for singing. Our private singing lessons in Burbank will help you develop the beauty, strength, and confidence in your voice with tailored, one-on-one instruction.

Private Voice Lessons That Fit Your Schedule

Music Junction's private voice lessons help you master the art of singing, with in-person lessons at our Burbank school location, or virtual lessons from the safety and comfort of your home. With dedicated and knowledgeable music instructors leading the personalized sessions, you’ll get the support you need to develop your beautiful voice.

Luis M.

“I never learned to sing so when I decided to overcome the fear of singing, I was very nervous. Just to put this in context: I do not even sing in the shower and even avoid singing Happy Birthday at parties because I just have no idea how to do it. So when I first signed up to take a class with Music Junction, I was feeling unsure and embarrassed. After the first lesson, I was able to see that singing was a skill and like anything in life, if I put some practice into it, I could get better. Well, 1 month into the process and my wife has noticed a HUGE improvement. Melissa was very encouraging and helpful, especially given how uncomfortable singing was to me. Now I can practice on my own. I have the tools to help me learn to sing and the support to keep the learning experience fun. From singing at church and even singing in the car, I have found a new joy.

Develop your Unique Sound

Your voice is special because it is the only instrument found within you. Everyone has a unique voice that can be trained into something impressive with time and devotion. Our music instructors tailor your private voice lessons to fit your unique needs, whether you are an aspiring child star or an adult who wants to hone their singing skills.

A Skill That Stays With You

Your voice, unlike other instruments, cannot be sold or tossed in the closet. The skills you develop in Music Junction's private voice lessons will stay with you for a lifetime. Singing lessons offer a lifetime of enjoyment, and a skill that will stick around!

Why Music Junction?

Our professional music teachers are dedicated to teaching their students in a way that fits each student’s needs and gives them weekly enjoyment. At Music Junction, we believe that learning to play an instrument should be fun and rewarding, no matter what age you are starting at.


Our private voice lessons let you learn in a fun, productive setting that works for you. We understand that not every student learns the same way, and that’s why we tailor voice lessons Burbank to each student.


Not Quite Sure?

Check out other instrument options offered by Music Junction. Our music experts are also happy to help you decide on an instrument choice that’s best for you!

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