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Virtual Lessons

Learn music with a dedicated personal teacher while we’re staying safe at home, with virtual lessons at Music Junction! All ages, all levels.

While we’re staying safe at home, it’s so important for our families to feel connected to their creativity, and develop their musical talents.  You can do that with the guidance of our high-quality Music Junction teachers.  Whether you’re already a pro or you’re starting something new, Music Junction is here to support you. 


Open to all ages, all levels, adults and kids!


What you’ll get:

  • Personal, one-on-one support with a talented, caring music teacher

  • Great options for your choice of instrument: piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, violin, or drum lessons

  • Weekly lesson appointments carried out on Zoom.


Why Students have Loved Going Virtual:

  • No driving, parking, or rushing to get to your lesson 

  • Easier to make the time in your busy schedule

  • Experience the same great quality as in-person lessons

  • Student-teacher connection is just as effective and supportive

  • Include the whole family in the process more easily while learning from home

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