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Joel C.

My two young daughters have been taking piano lessons here with Mariel for about a year now and we love it.  We had just 2 lessons in person before having to change to virtual classes and I thought it would not go well but Mariel has been the best.  She has been incredibly supportive and positive... not to mention unbelievably patient with a couple of excited and easily distracted little girls!

Andre V.

I am a student at music junction and I have felt such passion by getting taught piano. Every single week I look forward to our lessons and learning more about music theory and piano. They not only teach you how to learn, but teach you how to dream in a world full of possibilities. Music junction truly is a perfect place to learn music.

Jenika J.

I've been taking piano lessons here for over a year now! There are many teachers to work with. Reese and Crystal have been great for me. Fair pricing, and currently doing lessons over zoom! Loving it! Thank you.

Ju A.

My two girls who are in elementary and middle school have been receiving piano lessons from Sean who is so wonderful, patient and engaging for a couple years now. We highly recommend Sean. Our youngest also began voice lessons with Anastasia who is very talented as a voice coach and has given my daughter confidence in her lessons. Big kudos to these wonderful and very talented teachers, Sean and Anastasia!

Jeanette M.

I always wanted to play the piano but it took me 57 years to finally start taking lessons. It's hard!  But, I have the advantage of a really good instructor, Anahit. She's great!  Very patient and understanding, and she always provides helpful suggestions and exercises for my improvement.  I feel very fortunate to have Anahit as my piano teacher.

Dee Dee M.

This is our second round at The Music Junction. We have always had great experiences. My daughter just partnered with Reese and let me tell you, Reese is a-mazing! I have been able to see instant growth from Reese's guidance with my 12yo daughter. My daughter's confidence and even her posture has been satisfying to watch, as she grows each and every week. Reese's genuine passion for what she does, truly helps my daughter discover who she wants to be. Thank you Reese for being such a wonderful addition to Nadine's life. She adores and appreciates you very much. For anyone looking for a great coach for their child, whether it be piano or voice, please look for Reese. She is kind, patient and uplifting. My daughter is currently virtual, yet feels like she is right there.

Elizabeth P.

I love the support from the teachers and their support and love back to us! Staff and members are all very respectful and friendly.  Online piano classes are easier and with more careful instruction on students homework. The work Music Junction puts in is amazing! Keep it up! I recommend Music Junction to a person who will lover friendly people. The staff and members are so friendly and respectful. My teacher, Annie, is so supportive when I struggle with something. She helps me a lot with homework and learning piano has never been easier ever since I joined Music Junction. Thank you!!

Anabella O.

Music Junction is a wonderful music school. My son is 8 Years old and is already playing classical music. My son loves his music teacher Ana. Ana is very talented and a great instructor. I would highly recommend.

Carmina W.

My son absolutely loves his lessons at the music junction, he looks forward to each lesson with Anna. She's an amazing teacher, super kind and wonderful. My son has progresses so much since we've started lessons and literally plays his piano all the time, it's amazing. I'm really happy we came here!

Marvinbktamkhzaknhnkeee M.

The Music Junction is an excellent music school.  The staff is very knowledgeable, talented, friendly, and patient with the students.  Teacher Armine teaches my 7 year old daughter, Danielle.  Danielle has been with teacher Armine for over a year.  With COVID restrictions, we have classes over Zoom.  I'm grateful for teacher Armine because she's very loving, friendly, knowledgeable, understanding, and patient with my daughter.  My daughter looks forward to every class with her. I can see and hear how much she has learned from Teacher Armine.   During her zoom class I hear my daughter laugh and have fun while learning to play the piano.  My daughter loves showing the family everything she's learned and will play for family over FaceTime.  Currently, The Music Junction is holding Zoom recitals which are great in these times of uncertainty and precaution.   Fortunately, the Music Junction makes it easy for everyone to connect from home and cheer on each student.  My siblings and other family members are able to see my daughter perform via Zoom, which the Music Junction arranges.  I can't say enough good things about this music school.  I did a lot of research before I chose this school and I know i chose the best.  Thank you Music Junction!!!

Dan M.

For the past year I've been fortunate enough to take lessons at The Music Junction in Burbank. I've had the pleasure of working with Mariel, one of the most talented piano & vocal instructors they have to offer. Every week she brings the most out of me while always encouraging me to strive further in my lessons. 

My entire life I've always wanted to learn the piano. Last year I finally decided to push my fears and insecurities aside and give it a shot. The Music Junction was incredibly welcoming and encouraging and really motivated me to keep going. I even performed in the Winter Recital despite being terribly nervous. They did an incredible job reiterating the point that it was a learning experience and to be celebrated, not feared.

I look forward to my lessons with Mariel every week and I would advise anyone who wants to finally take the leap to learn or improve their skills to join The Music Junction.  It's been the highlight of my year and I can't wait to see where my progress is by next year.


I love the Music Junction so much and Terri Walsh is such an excellent teacher!  I'm an adult beginner and these classes are the best part of my week!

Tiff S.

This week Charissa of The Music Junction started hosting virtual singing warm ups everyday at 11am on zoom. I've always been interested in singing but haven't done anything outside of school choirs. I've participated in two so far, and they are so much fun! My boyfriend's 7-year old twin niece and nephew had a great time too. I enjoyed seeing them and everyone else on video exploring their voices in song.

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