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Private Music Lessons

Get one-on-one support from our talented teachers in your choice of instrument:

piano, voice, guitar, ukulele, violin, or drums!


Music Junction provides students with talented music teachers that care. Work with our top quality teachers in personalized, private lessons that offer flexibility for your busy life. Don’t wait to start or continue your passion, enroll in music lessons today!

Jen P.

“The Music Junction is the perfect place to take piano lessons - such a great find. In particular, our teacher, Anahit, has been wonderful with our five year old son - keeping him excited and encouraged about playing. The method is fun and engaging and he is truly learning how to read music and enjoy practice. They are so well-organized and always on time. The facility is nice and the instruments are great. I was so impressed with the recital - they grouped it into multiple sessions and ran it so smoothly. It is a really great place to get started if you're looking for solid training with fun, encouraging atmosphere that also produces results. As a musician myself, I immediately appreciated that Anahit was going to get him playing and performing right away, expect him to practice, but also build a joy - not make it a chore. I really recommend this highly.”

Open To All Ages And Skill Levels

Music Junction provides private music lessons that are tailored to you-no matter what age or skill level you start at. It doesn’t matter if you are enrolling your child, want to start yourself, or plan to enroll together, with our comprehensive music classes, you can learn anything! Music Junction has some of the most patient and passionate instructors out there, and our programs make learning enjoyable and understandable for musicians of every level.

Make Learning Easy With Virtual Music Lessons

Music Junction not only offers lessons at our school in Burbank, we also make learning an instrument (or how to sing) easy with convenient weekly Zoom lessons. This virtual format lets you stay safe while working around any busy schedule. With our virtual private music lessons, learning is possible for everyone.


How much do private music lessons cost?

Music Junction offers two private music teaching options: either 30-minute or 60-minute weekly sessions. Our 30-minute music lessons cost $179 per month, and the 60-minute private lessons are $349 per month. By offering convenient and affordable musical instruction, we hope to make lessons accessible to anyone who’s ready to start their passion!


Why take private music lessons?

Private music lessons open a world of enjoyment, learning, and development. Not only can instruments inspire creativity, but learning to play has been shown to increase the IQ of children. Self-discipline, structure, and self-confidence can all be found by devoting your time and effort towards learning any musical instrument you choose. No matter what age you are, our private music instructors will help you learn a passion that will last a lifetime.


The piano is the most popular choice for beginners and a beautiful instrument to learn! Piano lessons are also excellent for building an overall foundation in music, and we recommend them for our beginners starting as young as four years old. Learning piano as a first instrument will create accomplishment and confidence early on. Young piano students can choose to become accomplished pianists or use their piano training background to move on to different musical instruments. Music Junction teachers are experts in engaging students and bringing tailored teaching styles to fit the needs of each student, making piano lessons a personalized experience. For intermediate and advanced players, continuing piano lessons give you the priceless, lifelong gift of creating and sharing the music you love! Whether your goal is to start playing solo pieces, accompanying singing, or composing music, the piano offers numerous ways to enjoy music FOREVER. It is also a fantastic instrument for singers to learn! A singer can use the piano to support their training, teach themselves new songs, or accompany their voice. And lastly, learning piano enhances brain development! While practicing the fundamentals of piano, learning music styles, techniques, rhythm exercises, chords, reading music, and playing in Music Junction recitals, you’ll also be increasing your IQ and creating balance, focus, and relaxation! Bringing piano into your life can even support you in areas of academics, sports, social life, and even career.


Singing lessons are very popular at Music Junction. We even created a yearly singing contest with sponsorship from Radio Disney called Burbank Singing Star! Just remember that whether you're already a pro, or just starting out, singing training will give you the support you need to build and strengthen your sound. The more time you invest in your voice, the more beautiful, strong, and confident you will sound. Plus, singing lessons are an uplifting activity that will leave you in a great mood! And singing is an important part of your self-expression! Discover YOUR voice, your own personal musical instrument, and enjoy the benefits of feeling good, sounding amazing, and creating beautiful music for others to enjoy! Explore powerful vocal warm-ups, ear training techniques, harmonizing, improvising, rhythmic patterns, stage presence, and performance technique, with Music Junction’s highly experienced and educated vocal trainers. Perform in Music Junction's 4 yearly recitals and other special events, and enjoy sharing your talents.


We're Proud of our Teachers!


Whether you are learning guitar to play casually around the campfire, perform in bands, be a recording session artist in studios, or play for the enjoyment and relaxation it brings to you, Music Junction has you covered. Our teachers will co-create a plan for your goals and guide you seamlessly through the process. Impress your family, friends, and yourself! Learn to play popular songs and even write your own on guitar! You can choose to learn on an electric or acoustic guitar, and even pick your favorite genres and songs for your studies, so your Music Junction teacher can personalize your lesson just for you!



The ukulele, a small Hawaiian musical instrument with four strings, is a great instrument for singers, bands, or just to play on its own! The “uke” has become a common choice for students since it is both simple to learn and can be found in much of today’s popular music. This is a great choice for kids to play as a starter instrument because the strings are easy to press down. That’s something beginner adult students can appreciate as well if you want to learn fast without worrying about finger strength (also the ukulele has 4 strings instead of 6, making it a lot more simple, whoo hoo!) Advanced musicians love to add the ukulele to their repertoire of musical gear too since there are many songs you can learn on the ukulele in a short time. With fun and engaging techniques that your Music Junction teacher will share in your lessons, we'll have you playing songs on the ukulele in no time!


Learn music with a dedicated personal teacher at Music Junction! Either in-person at our school, or virtually from home. All ages, all levels.

Learn music with a dedicated personal teacher while we’re staying safe at home, with virtual lessons at Music Junction! All ages, all levels.


Your Music Junction violin teacher will guide you through the world of string playing! You will discover your creative voice by learning the fundamentals of playing the violin, such as posture, body awareness exercises, caring for and holding the instrument, styles, vibrato, color, musical expression, and how to make the creation of playing your own, with this mesmerizing and prestigious instrument! The Violin is also an excellent instrument for beginners, and students can enroll as young as age 4. The unique thing about violin lessons is that, over time, violin students have the opportunity to join an orchestra - and maybe even get a once-in-a-lifetime violin solo that audiences will love! Whatever your goals may be, we will support you in getting there. (Also ask us about cello lessons!)



From the very first beat of our hearts, the inner drummer is ingrained in all of us. Unleash your innate human character of rhythm and explore the infinite possibilities of percussion. Your Music Junction teacher will create an engaging environment for the exploration and discovery of drumming fundamentals, such as beats, sounds, tones, and how to coordinate your hands and feet simultaneously. Discover your inner beat with drum lessons at Music Junction today!

Noteworthy Events

Learn music with an in-person, dedicated Music Junction teacher at our school in Burbank, CA. All ages, all levels. Virtual lessons also available.

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