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Private Violin Lessons Burbank

Challenge your mind while learning to play the violin at Music Junction. Our private violin lessons let you build self-discipline through practice, self-esteem through progress, and self-confidence by learning a new, uncommon talent. Learning to play the violin offers students of all ages the chance to explore their creativity and challenge their minds.

Fall Into Sync With Our Private Violin Lessons

Mastering the violin offers an immense sense of accomplishment. Expand your mind and play elegantly with our personalized violin lessons. Our instructors tailor the lessons to our students, so you get instruction that is motivating and enjoyable.

Robert L.

“My son age 8 wanted to learn both violin "fiddle style" and piano. Michael who is an incredible musican and teacher has done wonders my son. The Music Junction just had a spring recital where my son performed both instruments and I can say with no reservations it was amazing. Michael is magical to me and my son.”

Develop Your Mind At Any Age

Our Burbank music experts start teaching the violin to students as young as four, so there is virtually no limit to who can learn with us. Each one-on-one violin session is personalized to fit the student, so you get an age/skill-appropriate private violin lesson. We see phenomenal results from kids and adults alike!

Talent & Passion

Bow instruments are challenging but rewarding instruments that require time, dedication, and perseverance. Although the violin may take time to get the hang of, it provides mental development and self-pride as a result. Sign up for our private violin lessons to grow your mind and discover a new passion.

Why Music Junction?

Our dedicated instructors offer students private violin lessons that are productive, flexible, and fun. We aim to help our students find their inner passion for music while developing their talent. Any age and skill level are welcome at our enjoyable, rewarding private violin lessons Burbank.

Music Junction gives you private violin lessons in a comfortable, focused setting that works for you. Our Burbank music instructors know that individuals learn differently, so we provide lesson plans that are tailored to the student.

Our private ukulele lessons let you learn in a fun, productive setting that works for you. We understand that not every student learns the same way, and that


Not Quite Sure?

If you’re still not sure that private piano lessons are for you, check out other instrument options offered by Music Junction. Our music experts are also happy to help you decide on an instrument choice that’s best for you!

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