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Private Ukulele Lessons Burbank

Develop a new talent with private ukulele lessons at Music Junction! Our awesome music teachers make learning easy and fun, motivating you on a ukulele adventure for years to come.

Private Ukulele Lessons That Fit Your Schedule

Our private ukulele lessons make learning convenient, and fun. Study at our school in Burbank, or take virtual lessons. Don't miss out, Music Junction's private lessons are tailored to fit every schedule, skill level, and age, with a personalized lesson plan that is easy and inspiring.

H. F.

“The music junction had a wonderful Winter Recital showcasing the progress and achievements of their students. It was wonderful! Thanks to the team at the Music Junction.”

Enjoyable, Rewarding Lessons

The ukulele is easy to learn, fun to play, and offers a great way to impress a crowd or enjoy a passtime at home. If you're looking for an instrument with a lovely tropical sound, to learn lots of simple songs fast, our private ukulele lessons are the way to go!

A Skill That Stays With You

There's nothing like pulling out a ukulele to strum a chord for the crowd, no matter who the audience is. With time and practice, our private ukulele lessons make it easy and exciting to learn a skill that you can enjoy for a lifetime, gearing the lesson plan to each student. Getting better at the ukulele is a huge confidence booster for many students!

Why Music Junction?

Our professional music teachers are dedicated to teaching their students in a way that fits each student’s needs and gives them weekly enjoyment. At Music Junction, we believe that learning to play an instrument should be fun and rewarding, no matter what age you are starting at. With your teacher to guide you, you’ll be playing in no time!


Our private ukulele lessons let you learn in a fun, productive setting that works for you. We understand that not every student learns the same way, and that


Not Quite Sure?

Check out other instrument options offered by Music Junction. Our music experts are also happy to help you decide on an instrument choice that’s best for you!

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