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Singing Ability Is Within Everyone’s Reach

Updated: Apr 6

Singing Ability Is Within Everyone’s Reach

For every Carrie Underwood who shoots to fame after wowing audiences and judges on “American Idol” there is a William Hung who is laughed at on YouTube and is unfortunately associated with the worst the television show has to offer.

For every “Glee” that celebrates music talent there is television sitcom “The Goldbergs” that laughs at the musical ambitions of a young, out-of-tune boy named Adam.

If we were to believe Hollywood, singing ability is clearly divided into the haves and have nots. You either have the talent or you do not.

We don’t know how this myth came into existence. No one would claim that the talents of a pianist, basketball player or accountant were based on innate talents. So, why do people who do not sing very well think taking lessons is a futile act?

With some training anyone, including Hung and Adam (yes, we know he is a fictional character) could become great singers. A great example on the accessibility of musical talent can, ironically, be found among Hollywood’s top actresses. Although they did not grow up taking singing lessons, Reese Witherspoon in “Walk the Line” and Gywenth Paltrow in “Country Strong” impressed critics and moviegoers with their abilities.

In an ABC news article, Roger Love, a veteran vocal coach in Hollywood, explained that people who love music and who like to sing — in the car, in the show and while walking — begun their music education years ago.

“Singing along to recorded vocal music is like having a mini-singing lesson,’ Love said. ‘I could tell from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Country Music Awards performance that she’s obviously a person who grew up exposed to music and enjoyed her own private time singing,’ he said. ‘I could hear from her pitch and rhythm that she has a history of putting her voice close enough to where it’s supposed to go.’ … If the actress has a considerable amount of non-professional singing time under her belt, Love said, it’s often just a matter of teaching her vocal and breathing techniques to go along with her natural talent.”

At the Music Junction, we’re firm believers that the right instruction coupled with some hard work can make anyone a good singer. If you have ever wanted to sing to your children, at church, or just feel comfortable belting out tunes in front of other people, we can help!


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