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Private Guitar Lessons Burbank

Our private guitar lessons bring out the rockstar in every student! Whether your goal is to play on-stage, around the campfire, or at home for your own enjoyment, you can develop your musical talents easily with one of our exceptional private music teachers. Choose between the electric or acoustic guitar, and have a fun and rewarding experience at Music Junction!

Private Guitar Lessons That Fit Your Schedule

Private guitar lessons with Music Junction are flexible and work with your schedule to make sure your weekly sessions happen. We understand that life gets hectic, so we make guitar lessons easy to attend with your choice of in-person or virtual lessons.

Paul D.

“We are quite happy with the Music Junction. Kim is a wonderful teacher. She is dedicated to her craft and great with children. Kim is extremely supportive yet makes sure our daughter plays properly, with good technique. Kim even encourages our daughter to explore music and create her own pieces. Our daughter has also become a strong sight reader under Kim's tutelage. We are excited to see what our daughter's future with the Music Junction brings!”

Enjoyable, Rewarding Lessons

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments, and for good reason. Whether you strive to be one of the greats, or the center of get-togethers, our private lessons are the place to start. Our knowledgeable Burbank music instructors craft a lesson plan that is tailored to your needs and holds your interest. You can even help pick the songs you learn!

A Skill That Stays With You

There's nothing like pulling out a guitar to strum a chord for the crowd, no matter who the audience is. Our private guitar lessons make it easy and exciting to learn, gearing the lesson plan to each student. Getting better at the guitar is a huge confidence booster for many students!

Why Music Junction?

Our professional music teachers are dedicated to teaching their students in a way that fits each student’s needs and gives them weekly enjoyment. At Music Junction, we believe that learning to play an instrument should be fun and rewarding, no matter what age you are starting at.


Our private guitar lessons let you learn in a fun, productive setting that works for you. We understand that not every student learns the same way, and that’s why we tailor guitar lessons Burbank to each student.


Not Quite Sure?

Check out other instrument options offered by Music Junction. Our music experts are also happy to help you decide on an instrument choice that’s best for you!

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