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Nov 22, 2020

Surgeons do it. Bank tellers do it. Even educated baristas do it.

Do you do it too?

We’re talking about music in the workplace.  Just a few decades ago, only people who worked at department stores and dentist’s office could listen to music at work but thanks to headphones and music streaming stations such as Pandora and Spotify, our work culture has changed forever.

And that’s not a bad thing, either. Music can actually make you a better worker.

Here are two significant ways:


Productivity: Music can make mundane office tasks — checking email, formatting spreadsheets or updating websites — more enjoyable. Research also has shown that surgeons perform their work more accurately when they listen to music they like. Ambient music — the type of music free of lyrics and devoid of wild changes of tempo —  is ideal professions who consistently need to produce creative and unique work.

However, if you’re writing a 20-page report to your boss that could get you a promotion or need to submit the final version of your software program, turn off Katy Perry and listen to Baroque or strictly instrumental tunes. Not a fan of classical music? Then enjoy the silence because music competes for your attention.

Research scientists are still divided on music’s ability to boost productivity. Is it the power of music or are we just better workers because we are listening to something we like?


Privacy: If you earn your paycheck in an office environment and are still working your way up to the corner office, chances are you share a common work area with others. The simple act of putting on headphones and listening to music creates a sense of privacy that make for happy employees. Of course your coworker who loves complaining about the boss or bragging about her children may not like the headphones but they will survive.


Although Baroque music seems to be the most appropriate music for any type of work and workplace, not all music genres will make you a more productive, well-dispositioned employee. To learn the type of music that best fits with your job, check out this fun infographic.

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